Coastal Steelhead

Coastal Steelhead

We are offering coastal steelhead trips from January-March, water conditions permitting. The Eel River, the Van Duzen, Redwood Creek, & the Mad River can all be great options for “chromer” steelhead during the winter months.

Though rarely a numbers game, these are truly special fish and worthy of your efforts indeed! This is a great trip for the hard core steelheader who has seen and done it all.

Fishing Checklist

  • 7-8 wt. Rods & Reels w/ Good Drags!
  • 6-9 wt. Switch & Spey Rods
  • Floating Lines & Sink Tips (Shooting Heads)
  • CA Fishing License & Steelhead Card
  • Good Rain Gear
  • Waders & Boots
  • Sense for Adventure!

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